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Thread: Reindex Fail with error

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    Default Reindex Fail with error

    Zimbra Network 6.04 Ubuntu
    Ubuntu 8.04

    I have 2 out of 50 clients that have corrupt index files. Placed in maintenance mode, tried to deleted /opt/zimbra/index/0/##/index/0/ files but received following error

    rm: cannot remove `_8s1_2g.del': No such file or directory
    rm: cannot remove `segments_6jp': No such file or directory

    ran zmprov rim start
    Status showed the following error

    ERROR: service.NOT_IN_PROGRESS (mbox 4425a16d-dd2a-49bf-a2db-9b96ac855d03 is not currently running action ReIndex)

    Updated from 6.03 to 6.04 still having error

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    Same problem here.

    tail the mailboxlog
    tail -f /opt/zimbra/log/mailbox.log| grep ReIndex-1
    Start the indexing
    zmprov rim start

    look for the error with subject
    WARN [ReIndex-1] [;mid=XX;] ParsedMessage - Message had analysis errors in 1 parts (Message-Id: <xxxxxxxx>, Subject: errormail)
    delete the errormail
    start reindex again until it passes

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    Same problem for me but I have thousand of mail with this error.
    And it's the boss mailbox, I can't delete anything.

    What should I do ?

    the end of the re-index process :
    2010-04-13 17:19:18,426 WARN [ReIndex-1] [;mid=32;] indexadd - Caught exception while indexing message id 16721 - indexing blocked. Possibly corrupt index?
    2010-04-13 17:19:20,638 WARN [ReIndex-1] [;mid=32;] indexadd - Caught exception while indexing message id 16747 - indexing blocked. Possibly corrupt index?
    2010-04-13 17:19:20,709 INFO [ReIndex-1] [;mid=32;] mailbox - Deferred Indexing: submitted 9297 items in 348876ms (26.65/sec). (0 items failed to index). IndexDeferredCount now at 3400 NumNotSubmitted= 3202
    2010-04-13 17:19:20,737 INFO [ReIndex-1] [;mid=32;] mailbox - Re-Indexing: Mailbox 32 COMPLETED in 348883ms

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