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    Default new line followed by two-dot (..)

    Dear All,

    no idea this has beed addressed or not:
    if you have tool which can send eml file to mail server(i didn't mean to send eml as attachment), you can try it as well.

    this is an eml file:

    Subject: ABCDE
    Date: Wed, 13 Jan 2010 15:15:38 +0800
    and if you send this eml to Zimbra, you will just see ONE line, this is totally wrong, i guess zimbra closes connection once it sees ".." ???

    anyone see this before?

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    I think you will need to insert the content of the eml file in the mail queue so that the MTA will send the email to the destination server...

    If you for example use telnet <mail_host> 25 and paste it directly there it will close down the connection when the first dot is pasted since that will mark the end of data.

    Best regards,
    Alex R.

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