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Thread: OpenSuse to Ubuntu ZCS Migration

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    Default OpenSuse to Ubuntu ZCS Migration

    Hello all,

    I have a server based on OpenSuse 10.2 with ZCS 5 (community) with 470 account

    now I want to update my ZCS but the version 6 is not available for OpenSuse 10.2, then i need to install a new server with Ubuntu 8.041 LTS and ZCS 6

    the question is: how is the best way to "export" account, ldap, etc from the old server to the new server?

    thank in advance

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    you should transfer your existing 5.x install over to the ubuntu server (a good guide is here), then ugprade it to 6 there. i know it sounds like more work but the way you're talking about would be very tough i think.

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