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Thread: [SOLVED] Timezone problems when upgrading

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    Default [SOLVED] Timezone problems when upgrading

    Main menu

    1) Common Configuration:
    +Ldap master host:
    +Ldap port: 389
    +Ldap Admin password: set
    +Secure interprocess communications: yes
    ******* +TimeZone: UNSET

    2) zimbra-ldap: Enabled
    3) zimbra-store: Enabled
    4) zimbra-mta: Enabled
    5) zimbra-snmp: Enabled
    6) zimbra-logger: Enabled
    7) zimbra-spell: Enabled
    8) Default Class of Service Configuration:
    r) Start servers after configuration yes
    s) Save config to file
    x) Expand menu
    q) Quit

    Address unconfigured (**) items (? - help) 1

    Common configuration

    1) Hostname:
    2) Ldap master host:
    3) Ldap port: 389
    4) Ldap Admin password: set
    5) Secure interprocess communications: yes
    ** 6) TimeZone: UNSET

    Select, or 'r' for previous menu [r] 6

    Can't call method "tzid" on an undefined value at /opt/zimbra/libexec/ line 2885, <> line 7.

    Any suggestions ?

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    Default Solution

    Sun Dec 27 18:49:09 2009 Loading default list of timezones.
    Sun Dec 27 18:49:09 2009 Previous TimeZoneID
    Sun Dec 27 18:49:09 2009 Determining system locale.
    Sun Dec 27 18:49:09 2009 DEBUG: Local tz name EET

    vim /opt/zimbra/conf/timezones.ics (no EET)

    Solution for Ubuntu:
    dpkg-reconfigure tzdata (change to London)

    Run Zimbra install again

    dpkg-reconfigure tzdata (change to needed)

    Dear Zimbra,

    /opt/zimbra/conf/timezones.ics (This file is disaster)

    Possible places to acquire normal timezone data:

    Sources for Time Zone and Daylight Saving Time Data

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kristaps View Post
    /opt/zimbra/conf/timezones.ics (This file is disaster)
    If you think there's a problem with that file and the upgrade procedure then I'd suggest you file a bug report.


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