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Thread: Do not mark SPAM with internal users

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    Post Do not mark SPAM with internal users

    I don't want zimbra mark SPAM all internal email sending by staffs. Should I do that? How do I do to configure that function?

    I appreciate any help.

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    Whitelisting your domain makes you vulnerable to domain spoofing, though.

    If you have users whose mail is being marked as spam, you might try step 3 in this post: zmtrainsa not functioning

    More info: local mail getting marked as spam? (and following posts)
    And these bugzilla entries: Bug 31333 – Emails from authenticated users getting marked as spam and Bug 12277 – Add support for better antispam scoring of sasl authenticated senders

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    how about by ip address instead of domain?

    IP Address whitelisting - Zimbra :: Wiki

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