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Thread: Import external LDAP users into Zimbra

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    Talking Import external LDAP users into Zimbra

    Hello everyone!
    I've searched in the forums for a post like this one and have not found any specific topics, besides general external LDAP authentication help.

    We have configured the external LDAP authentication successfully.

    Is there a way to import all the users configured in the external LDAP as Zimbra users? We have +200 users and would like to create the e-mail accounts on Zimbra automatically

    Also, when a new user is created on external LDAP, it could be imported automatically on Zimbra?

    Thanks in advance!!

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    Yes, I searching answer on this quetion too, but not find it now, I thnik, maybe can edit and modify script, witch import users from AD?

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    Me too, I found this wiki import/export ldap zimbra, I follow but in step :

    /opt/zimbra/libexec/zmslapadd -c /tmp/ldap-config.bak

    It's said not have directories or file, I'm quite newbie, I have no idea what wrong !?!

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    Hello why ldap users external when admitted to the Zimbra can not contact only when we change their password
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