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Thread: A little script for parent-child sharing

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    Default A little script for parent-child sharing


    I made a little script based on : Mailboxes: Sharing vs. Relationships » Zimbra :: Blog

    Here is a simple shell script to automate the procedure just replace YOURDOMAIN with your domain.

    echo "Username of the Parent Account"
    read parent
    echo "Username of the Child Account"
    read child
    childid=$(zmprov ga $child@YOURDOMAIN | grep zimbraId: | cut -d " " -f2)
    zmprov ma $parent@YOURDOMAIN +zimbraChildAccount $childid
    zmprov ma $parent@YOURDOMAIN +zimbraPrefChildVisibleAccount $childid


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    Thanks for the script.

    For people who wants to use it, don't forget family mailboxes currently don't work in ZCS 6.0.x.
    Bug 37217 - family mailboxes - not working in GnR

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    Here's some more scripts we cooked up a while ago to administrate family mailboxes.

    Administrate primary / secondary mail accounts

    Since 6.0.5 family mailboxes are "sortof" usable again, unless you need zimlets to function in a family mailbox.

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