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Thread: Configuration suggestions

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    Default Configuration suggestions

    Hi All,

    I need to install zimbra using 3 servers, I want zimbra like

    1- Server Only LDAP
    2- Server MTA Outgoing
    3- Server MTA Incoming
    3- Server Mailbox

    Can I have this desing ?? How can I install zimbra on this design ??


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    Why do you need zimbra in distributed environment?
    Do you have specific reason for implementing it, may be about number of users etc???

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    I'm not sure you can restrict the MTA servers to only accept mail, or be the one that all mail comes out of, but you should be able to setup a secondary MTA server, an LDAP server, and a mailbox server that has MTA services enabled. Performance wise there is no reason to have a separate LDAP server with this small of a setup, but you may have a different reason.

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