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Thread: [SOLVED] Limit search mails zmmailbox

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    Default [SOLVED] Limit search mails zmmailbox

    Hi all.

    We have to delete all mail before 11/8/2009 from a mailbox.

    I see i can't delete more than 1000 mails at one time.

    emails=`zmmailbox -z -m s -l 100000 -t message "in:inbox before: 11/8/2009"|awk '{ if (NR!=1) {print}}'| grep mess | awk '{ print $2 "," }' | tr -d '\n'`

    and then :

    zmmailbox -z -m dm `echo $emails`

    but it only deletes the first 1000 mails.

    Is there a limit for searching emails ?


    EDIT: version 5.011 NE ubuntu 32
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    Quote Originally Posted by okahei View Post
    Is there a limit for searching emails ?
    There's no limit on searching for email.

    Don't forget the forum search function: [SOLVED] delete mails via cli based on date


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    There's no limit on searching for email.
    Is too. zmmailbox has a hard-coded limit of 1000, even when specifying a higher limit like -l 10000.

    To work around, just wrap it in a for or while loop.

    Alternative strategy: search for messages after the cutoff, mm to a temp folder, ef /inbox, and mm back to inbox.

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