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Thread: Fine control over Briefcase file version number?

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    Default Fine control over Briefcase file version number?

    the Briefcase has no reference to the file version number on the web client, but if I update the file, an internal 'version' variable is incremented, which is invisible on the Web Client.

    The external Briefcase interface (outside the web client), for file downloading over the web, show up the 'version' variable information.

    Problem is, sometimes we may want to change the file without actually incrementing the 'version' variable.

    Is there any way to control that? Or to disable the versioning altogether? Or to hide the 'version' info?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Brazilian Joe View Post
    Is there any way ... to disable the versioning altogether? Or to hide the 'version' info?
    Did someone find a solution for this issue?
    Reinhard             ( . . )

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