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Thread: IMAP problems

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    Default IMAP problems

    We are running ZCS 5.0.19 NE on Ubuntu 8.04 64bit.

    Since upgrading to 5.0.19, we constantly see users reporting problems with IMAP access. They get timeout errors from various apps like Apple Mail, Thunderbird, ...
    Mostly it works, but several times of the day, timeouts occur.

    Other access methods (Web, Zimbra Desktop, mobile) are OK.

    Any ideas?



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    We are running the same thing but on RHEL 5.2

    Today we had all our mac users saying they were having authentication issues with sending an email. Might have been some non-mac people too but we couldn't duplicate the issue at our workstations. Which was bizarre.

    We ended up restarting all zimbra services on that mta server.

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    I just opened a bug report. Please vote on it here: Bug 42386 – IMAP Connection timeouts
    and include your error reports.

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    Are you seeing any errors in /opt/zimbra/log/mailbox.log?

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