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Thread: Session don't expires even on log off.

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    Exclamation Session don't expires even on log off.

    I shared a notebook (Document) to some users, and that user when try to access that link the browser ask him for the username and password. When he enters the credential he is able to access the notebook. Now after that when he access to webmail, webmail don't ask him for the password and username as the user was already log in for the notebook, now when the user will be loging off and again access the link of notebook he is not asked for the username and password and have been granted access to notebook(beyond my understandings) and after that when I access to webmail the username and password is not asked and user gets log in.
    After logging off, why user was not asked for the username and password as the session should had expired for the notebook as well (When the user logs off).I think that the auth-token don't expired for the notebook session when the user gets log off from webmail ????....
    BTW, I don't have any issue in making the password remember in my browser (dont have any such issue)

    Any help one this???
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