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Thread: Ubuntu 804lts - Admin GUI Error for RBL's - Workaround

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    Default Order is not really critical..

    yes.. CBL is part of spamhaus.. not need to use it..

    Order is not critical, if the IP is on any list it will be rejected..

    Quote Originally Posted by bbarrons View Post
    mshanley, thanks for the links. One of the first things I noticed was this comment when I looked up
    "The Composite Blocking List (CBL) is a free list meant to block "IPs exhibiting characteristics which are specific to open proxies of various sorts." It should block very little non-spam.

    It is incorporated into Spamhaus ZEN. If you are already using Spamhaus ZEN, you do not need to utilize the CBL separately. (Spamhaus ZEN is highly recommended.) "

    so, by me having both listed it is a waste of time and space.
    I moved zen to the top of my list and now it has the highest reject count so far today. Prior to that it was listed about 5 I think in my list and had no rejections. I guess that means that the first on the list works first and the nwhat is leftover moves down the list.
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    i find myself very very happy using barracuda as first.
    This way i use less spamhaus that is not happy to be queried for free.
    This is my list:

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