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    Question Different values in and

    Hi everbody!

    In Zimbra 6.0.1 /opt/zimbra/zimlets-admin-extra/ and /opt/zimbra/zimlets-admin-extra/ have different values for gidBase and uidBase.

    Content of /opt/zimbra/zimlets-admin-extra/ (config_template.xml file inside):

    <zimletConfig name="zimbra_posixaccount" version="4">
           	<property name="loginShells">/bin/bash,/bin/sh,/bin/false</property>        
        	<property name="homePath">/home/&#37;u</property>        
       		<property name="gidBase">10000</property>        
       		<property name="uidBase">10000</property>   
    		<property name="ldapSuffix">dc=example,dc=com</property>
    		<property name="ldapGroupSuffix">ou=groups</property>
    Content of /opt/zimbra/zimlets-admin-extra/ (config_template.xml file inside):

    <zimletConfig name="zimbra_samba" version="6"> 
                   <property name="gidBase">1001</property> 
                   <property name="uidBase">1000</property> 
                   <property name="ridBase">1000</property> 
                   <property name="ldapSuffix">dc=example,dc=com</property> 
                   <property name="ldapGroupSuffix">ou=groups</property> 
                   <property name="ldapMachineSuffix">ou=machines</property> 
    In the article UNIX and Windows Accounts in Zimbra LDAP and Zimbra Admin UI 6.0 - Zimbra :: Wiki it&#180;s said:

    Edit ldapSuffix, uidBase and gidBase properties using the same values as you used in for

    a) should I use 10000 for gidBase and uidBase in config_template.xml file of and

    b) besides the fact that in the values are in the range of thousands, there is some motivation for gidBase be 1001 and uidBase be 1000?

    c) what&#180;s the purpose of ridBase? it must match values of (10000&#180;s) or the values of (1000&#180;s)?

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    a/b) As the wiki said, create the values for the posix configuration file (check to see the range that the local user accounts have on hte Samba server, usually they are 1xxx so the 10xxx accounts in posix won't conflict with them). After you have setup the posix file, put the exact same numbers into the Samba file.
    c) You can leave rid at 1000 as it is the base for the sambaSID that is only used for the windows network, and thus has no bearing on the posix uid/gid

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