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Thread: I need to send auto-reply, but only if message comes through an alias

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    Default I need to send auto-reply, but only if message comes through an alias

    Hi, I'm mergeing two domains, both in use today, but one of them will be disable. There are some users with accounts and aliases in both domains. I want to do an auto-reply message when users receives e-mail in old account and old aliases, not when users receive on the official account.

    A message like

    "Hi, my new e-mail is, please correct my contact address e don't send e-mails anymore to, it will be disabled soon."

    This can be done with Zimbra? Or need a customization?

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    1. Create account
    2. Create account
    3. set an auto-reply message on account
    4. enable auto-forwarding on account to

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    I think that's the best that can be done for now in terms of server-side automation.

    Reason: Zimbra filters don't offer auto-reply. See Bug 18288 – Enable a "reply with text" (or auto-reply) option for Mail Filters

    There's also a technical limitation which is the subject of this bug: Bug 15395 – Optionally add X-Original-To header

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