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Thread: Save all items locally feature

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    Default Save all items locally feature

    Since I am in the middle of preparing to replace MS Exchange with Zimbra, and all our users already familiar with MS Outlook style will be forced to use web browser to access their mailbox (no more MS stuffs).

    Is there a way to save all items (mail, contact, calendar, etc) locally so that user can backup/manage their own items? Something like MS Exchange's PST file.


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    Quote Originally Posted by benny_0924 View Post
    Is there a way to save all items (mail, contact, calendar, etc) locally so that user can backup/manage their own items? Something like MS Exchange's PST file.
    Not really but why would they need to do that if they're trying to get away from Outlook? What is it they need to 'manage' locally that they can't do on the Web UI? If they really want offline access to their mail etc then consider using the Zimbra Desktop.


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    We hit on the 'locally manage' topic (great when you don't have to, but not everyone has unlimited space of course) - just wanted to make sure we covered 'self-backup' options:

    For those users who need to make occasional personal backup copies of all their items, citing whatever reason: The Preferences tab > import/export feature (in both ZCS & ZD) allows you to do custom query tar formatter exports. It does not 'archive' in the sense outlook does, there's no 'delete items from server after export' setting yet.


    Details on tar & zip REST: ZCS-to-ZCS Migrations (tar has the option of doing both .eml & the metadata with it, there's a new utility called 'zmztozmig' / it's our do all format (minus one tar formatter bug going 5 > 6 that'll be fixed in the next release).

    Zimlet 1 txt or html & separate attachments directory: [SOLVED] zimlet to save email in a txt file

    Zimlet 2 .eml in a zip: [SOLVED] Mail backup options for end users?

    Zimlet 3 .eml tar for single msg: Email Downloader


    ZD allows both offline action sync and easy local computer folders should they be running low on allotted server space, or just feel the need to pull it out of the cloud on a regular basis but still have it in ZD. Handles just like local folders in any IMAP client, with extras of course.

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