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Thread: Attachment Blocking Stats

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    Lightbulb Attachment Blocking Stats

    I noticed that the daily mail report doesn't report on attachment blocking statistics. Here's a script to get statistics for attachment block by the MTA. It could easily be extended to email in CSV format.

    #This script counts how many of each attachment extension were blocked by the MTA,
    #If no messages for that extension were blocked they are omitted from the count
    #created by james[dot]barnett[at]noc[dot]com
    cd /home/zimbra
    zmprov gcf zimbraMtaBlockedExtension | cut -d: -f2>temp.txt #echo blocked attachment extensions to temp file
    echo "Number of Messages blocked by the MTA due to Attachments with banned Extensions"
    echo -e "Number \t | \t Extension"
    for i in $(cat temp.txt); #reads the list into $i
            count=$(grep -c "unacceptable extension \"$i\"" /var/log/zimbra.log) #counts the number of occurences in the log of $i
            if [ "$count" -gt "1" ] #checks to see if count is greater than 1 if not then don't print report that extension
                    then echo -e "$count \t | \t $i"
            if [ "$count" = "1" ] #checks to see if count is 1 (for grammatically correct output)
                    then echo -e "$count \t | \t $i"
            let total+="$count" #adds the value of count to the total
    tput smso;
    echo -e "$total \t | \t total"
    tput rmso;
    rm -f temp.txt #removes temp file

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    hello! can be used eg newer version. 7
    As can be run as root or user zimbra?
    cd /home/Zimbra is the path where is installed, will be changed to /opt/Zimbra

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