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Thread: Some SPAM still getting in

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    Quote Originally Posted by hansvdmerwe View Post
    Perfect, thanks, that was what I was after.

    (btw, about openSUSE is a shame, but if I have to change, to what distro do you suggest? my other machines run ArchLinux, but I guess its also not supported)
    My recommendation would be for CentOS5, it's a binary compatible rebuild of RHEL and runs the RHEL Zimbra builds perfectly and it's stable (as you would expect) platform.


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    Quote Originally Posted by uxbod View Post
    Increase the logging by changing /opt/zimbra/conf/ and set log_level=2. Once that is done run zmamavisdctl restart as the zimbra user.
    I did this, but cant see any more verbose output in the spamtrain.log file?
    Is this logged somewhere else?

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    You will see the extra logging in /var/log/zimbra.log and how emails are being scored.

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