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Thread: [SOLVED] unexpected disk usage growth

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    Default [SOLVED] unexpected disk usage growth


    I have just now noticed a rather large disk usage growth of 6gb within 3 hrs somewhere in /opt/zimbra/

    are there any obvious possibilities for this to have happened ?

    this is my current content of /opt/zimbra:

    3.6M ./.saveconfig
    5.3G ./db
    21M ./openssl-0.9.8i
    5.3M ./curl-7.18.1
    822M ./logger
    21M ./heimdal-1.2
    12K ./contrib
    3.3M ./openldap-clibs-
    120M ./jdk1.5.0_17
    5.0M ./tcmalloc-0.97
    660K ./bin
    31M ./zimbramon
    25M ./sleepycat-
    3.9M ./cyrus-sasl-
    13M ./jdk1.5.0_15
    26M ./lib
    3.7M ./conf
    4.0K ./backup
    193M ./log
    1.2M ./ssl
    20K ./.ssh
    370M ./zmstat
    724K ./docs
    1.6M ./libexec
    3.2M ./dspam-3.8.0
    19M ./openldap-data
    15M ./openldap-
    22M ./postfix-
    41M ./clamav-0.94.1
    121M ./data
    615M ./jetty-6.1.5
    17M ./net-snmp-5.4.1
    620K ./zimlets-experimental
    1.3M ./amavisd-new-2.5.4
    348K ./zimlets-network
    64M ./keyview-
    404K ./zimlets
    400K ./zimlets-extra
    504K ./convertd
    32M ./httpd-2.2.8
    72K ./wiki
    7.0G ./redolog
    4.0K ./store
    16G ./index
    4.0K ./fbqueue
    44K ./zimlets-admin-extra
    4.0K ./index2
    12M ./aspell-0.60.6
    4.0K ./mailstore
    77M ./mysql-standard-5.0.67-pc-linux-gnu-i686-glibc23
    1.8M ./memcached-1.2.5
    3.4M ./nginx-0.5.30-zimbra
    30G .

    excluding any mounted partitions (in my case /opt/zimbra/backup and /opt/zimbra/mailstore are seperate partititons)

    currently /opt/zimbra is part of my root fs, and I was planning to move this to a seperate disk to prevent flooding my root fs since it was nearing 80%.

    This sudden growth of another 6gb got me worried though.

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    As you only have redolog and index folders that are greater than 6GB (that I can see there) then I'd assume there's something in there that's growing, have you looked to see what's in there? How did you determine that it's grown over 6GB in 3hrs in /opt/zimbra?


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    Hi Bill,

    Zimbra reports disk usage over 80% over the last few hours it grew from 80 to 94% so thats where the 6gb came from.

    Right now things seem to have stabilized though.

    redolog archives is filled with 100mb files dated today between 10:10 and 11:30 Typically it created one every few minutes, stopping at 11:30.

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    For now I just ran an incremental backup to clear out the redo log archives

    will move opt/zimbra to a larger, and more appropriate location next maintenance.

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