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Thread: ZCS 5.0.16 to 5.0.18 -- Preauth jsp Removed

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    Default ZCS 5.0.16 to 5.0.18 -- Preauth jsp Removed

    Yesterday afternoon I upgraded ZCS from 5.0.16 to 5.0.18. The entire upgrade went very smooth. I am using the trial edition and this was the first upgrade I did, so impressed at the ease of it. Unfortunately after the upgrade completed I could not authenticate via CAS.

    I found that my preauth.jsp file was completely removed and the CAS filter parameters in was wiped.

    I did not see this in the upgrade procedures, anyone else see something like this?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rebel6381 View Post
    I did not see this in the upgrade procedures, anyone else see something like this?
    Non-standard modifications that are made to Zimbra are not guaranteed to be carried forward in an upgrade - you must redo the changes after the upgrade.


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