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Thread: [SOLVED] HOWTO feed GAL with all accounts created

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    Question [SOLVED] HOWTO feed GAL with all accounts created

    Hi there,

    We have a Zimbra implementation that serves 6 different domains, all of them belonging to the same big company. Our users would like to have all other users of the 6 different organizations showing up as possible recipients of the message when composing an email. How can we achieve that?

    Our environment is the following:

    Packages installed:


    Thanks in advance for your help.



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    Yep, it's very interest
    I solve this problem with shared address book for each divisions
    and map all of those to each user

    If you interest in this solutions - please post me.
    I'm not often read this forum, please write to i post there my scripts

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    Hi there,
    Our shy friend Василий Романеев from Russia gave me some help that I want to share:

    In order to fill the GAL with all the users associated with a given domain, follow these steps:

    Go to the admin interface, clic on Domains
    Click on the domain name, the "Configure GAL" button gets enabled
    Click on the Configure GAL button, choose GAL mode both and click on next
    Fill the following info:
    LDAP URL: yourzimbraFQDN
    port: 389
    LDAP filter: (|(cn=*%s*)(mail=*%s*))
    autocomplete filter: externalLdapAutoComplete
    LdapSearchBase: dc=ourdomainname, dc=com

    Then click on next, next, and do a test with the . as search word, some users should come back after you click on test. After that go to the web mail interface, create a new message, click on the "To:" button, all users of the domain should show up!

    Thanks again Василий Романеев!

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