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Thread: how to bulk import users with zmprov?

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    Exclamation how to bulk import users with zmprov?

    Hi there,

    While deploying a new ZCS server, we created some domains, users and alias but after that we realized the FQDN initially chosen for our server wasn't appropiated so we were trying to change the hostname following but we ran into too much trouble trying so we decided to reinstall.

    Before doing so we backed put the created users using the following command:

    zmprov gaa -v > file
    After reinstalling ZCS with the new FQDN, I tried to restore our user's file using the following command

    zmprov < file
    But I just got tons of

    prov> Unknown command. Type: 'help commands' for a list
    And none user was imported which proved my procedure wrong. What's the right procedure to import our users list?

    Thanks in advance for your help,



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    Welcome to the forums

    The output from the command you have run will not generate a file that can be directly imported back in with zmprov. The correct syntax for creating an account is
    su - zimbra
    zmprov ca test123 displayName JSmith
    which is all explained on the Wiki.

    You could try searching the forums for zmprov and csv

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    Thanks for your answer uxbod,

    I was following your advice and reading entries related to zmprov and csv, particularly the following ones but still don't know how to import the exported file

    Export Account information to csv
    CSV files and scripting...
    [SOLVED] how to export account details ?
    [SOLVED] Looking for reporting output of names, accounts, lists, alias, etc.

    As I mentioned, I only have the output of zmprov gaa -v to a file but I still don't know how to feed my new ZCS with the information of this file.

    Any help is much appreciated.

    Thanks in advanced,


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    I put all my users in a CSV file, opened it in Access and then made a quick report to spit them out. I have a txt file with the following lines:
    createAccount password displayName 'Firstname Lastname' givenName 'Firstname' sn 'Lastname'
    Then I just feed to to zmprov with "zmprov < userlist.txt"
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