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Thread: [SOLVED] mailbox.log history

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    Default [SOLVED] mailbox.log history


    I've been searching on wiki and on this forum but it doesn't seem I have a solution for my question.

    I want to raise the history of log files (especially mailbox.log). According to my network version default istallation it keeps only last 9 days. Is there a way to raise this limit to something like 2 months?

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    Search the forums for the words 'log file rotate'.


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    Mhh..... it looks like you have to deal with the pruning option in zimbra user crontab.

    # Log pruning
    30 2 * * * find /opt/zimbra/log/ -type f -name \*.log\* -mtime +8 -exec rm {} \; > /dev/null 2>&1

    the "+8" there should remove each log file older than 8 days.

    I'll try this... thanks for the help

    P.S. may I edit this crontab line: there's a "# ZIMBRASTART -- DO NOT EDIT ANYTHING BETWEEN THIS LINE AND ZIMBRAEND" that scares me

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