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Thread: what services can i stop?

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    Default what services can i stop?

    i run zimbra on a home server with < 5 mail accounts.

    everything is running fine, but i'm just trying to see where i can squeeze out better performance if possible.

    i've turned off spell checker and amavisd from the admin as a start. what other corners can i cut?

    zimbra-SNMP: what particular aspect of my mail is this used for?

    zimbra logger: is this just for the spam graphs in the admin or is it used elsewhere?

    zimbra nginx: i run my own nginx, can i disable zimbra's web proxy server, and just use my own nginx to proxy out to the tomcat/servlets zimbra is directly running from? currently i have subdomains in my nginx proxy to port 81 and port 444 to zimbras webserver to get things working but still run other sites...

    are there any other corners i could cut if i just want a very basic install.

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    You can disable the logger and get more performance with less IO as well.

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