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Thread: Account partialy Ok

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    Default Account partialy Ok


    I don't know what happend ..
    i have one user account about 12 Go in a Zimbra NETWORK-5.0.15_GA_2851.UBUNTU8
    All looks fine, contacts are here , calendars .. all is here
    except more than 7200 messages are missing in the Inbox.

    I reindexed the mailbox, and it stop before the ending.

    i deleted the indexes of the mailbox account, recreate them.

    still the same, mails are missing ... probably here, but impossible to show them up.

    Where can i find a log about a mailbox reindex?
    How to unlock a part of the account?

    another solution is restore the account, but the user don't remember when the problem really appear .. restore to another account ??

    how to deal with that ?

    Thanks for your help guys ...

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    Have a look in the log files for some information, does the reindex throw any errors? Try restoring the account to a different account name and see if the mail is in there, how far back does your backup go?


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    How are they accessing the mailbox is it via the web client ? Have they ever connected with a thick client via IMAP ? If so, it maybe worth try expunging the account and then re-indexing.

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