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Thread: spamassassin conf setting

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    Unhappy about dspam and spamassassin

    I want to know how zimbra use the dspam and spamassassin to filtrate mail
    anyboby can tell me
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    In the latest version (3.1.1) this is setup by default.
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    Talking I have install 3.1.1 zimbra how to setting the spamassassin

    I have install the 3.1.1 zimbra but I didn't find what's new in the admin console
    than how to setting the spamassassin
    I find some configuration in the /opt/zimbra/conf/spamassassin/*.cf
    I modify the and add a mail server like this:
    def_whitelist_from_rcvd *@*
    I sent a mail from to my zimbra server it display in the junk
    the /opt/zimbra/dspam/var/dspam/system.log write like this:
    1148448686 W root <> 4473efae9241804284693 sdlkf 0.014507 zimbra Auto-Whitelisted <>
    1148454573 S name <> 447406ad49011994167059 用户界面 0.011802 zimbra Tagged <>
    somebody can tell me how add the to the whitelist then ,when I sent mail from the to my zimbra server ,the mail is not display in my junk box,I hope it's in my inbox .
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