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Thread: Zimbra internal and external LDAP authorization

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    I see Phoenix mention the following command:
    su - zimbra
    zmprov md zimbraAuthFallbackToLocal TRUE
    Does this command give you the opportunity to create password for accounts that are not or you don't want to have in your External LDAP have permission to login to zimbra?

    Please clarify for me, because I won't want every account to be in the LDAP especially if they are not being used to access my workstation.


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    Hi all!
    "How to synchronize External Ldap with Internal Ldap ?" That is great question form admin_forum & everyone .! I have configed external LDAP for zimbra. But it have problem user mail in external ldap, he can't change password hiself .! I'm
    #cat information >> myinformation | solution_my_pb; echo "thask a lot!"
    ps: sorry for poor English

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    sorry but now, I can't find that properties:
    Did zimbra delete it?

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