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Thread: Moving to new external LDAP server

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    Default Moving to new external LDAP server

    Hello all,
    I'm running 5.0.13 OSE on Mac OS X Server, using external authentication to our separate Open Directory-based LDAP server (Mac OS X Server 10.4). I'm planning on switching to a new LDAP server, running on Mac OS X Server 10.5. The LDAP configurations are similar, but if I make the necessary changes to the URL and LDAP search base to our primary domain's authentication settings, should I have anything to worry about as far as "Bob Smith's" account staying with him? In other words, is there a unique identifier (GUID) that Zimbra's using to attach "bsmith" to his account on the server that Zimbra's getting from our older LDAP server, or should I be able to simply switch to the new LDAP server, and no one would be the wiser?

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    zimbra matches users to the external ldap based on the filter you put in place hwen you setup the external auth. like the uid=%u so as long as whatever you're using for filter st ays the same you'll be good

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