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Thread: Font list in HTML editor

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    Default Font list in HTML editor

    Hi everybody,

    on the email new message window (html editor) we can select one of these fonts:
    - Arial
    - Bookman Old Style
    - Courier New
    - Garamond
    - Lucida Console
    - Symbol
    - Tahoma
    - Times New Roman

    I wish to set Garamond as the default font, but I can't. On the user preferences, but also on the web administrator interface, Zimbra shows only these four fonts:
    - Arial
    - Times New Roman
    - Courier
    - Verdana

    Any suggestions?

    Thank you.

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    Hi Paulo

    This issue has already been submitted to the bug tracker - Bug 33669 – Default html composing font - mismatch between compose view and preferences
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