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Thread: same mbox-structure for all new users

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    Default same mbox-structure for all new users


    We are not yet using Zimbra but I should know already now to following:

    Is there a way to have Zimbra created the same mailbox-structure(folder names and
    color bars (property ->colors)) for all newly added user/accounts? How?

    Thanks a lot for any feedback!


    I tried to find informations about that matter with "mbox templates" :-(

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    not through the admin ui. in order to achieve something like this you would need to switch your user creation over to a script to run via command line. there are 2 tools that are documented well on the wiki


    zmprov you use to create accounts and set various options of the account. zmmailbox you use to make changes to the mailbox such as adding folders or setting share rights.

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