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Thread: Changing /opt to a symlink

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    Question Changing /opt to a symlink

    We were looking to move zimbra to a larger partition than we currently have. If we shut it down, move all of the data to /mnt/opt, create a symlink for /opt to /mnt/opt, and restart zimbra, will this work or will it create issues?

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    What version are you currently on? You would have issues during upgrade from say 5.0.2 > 5.0.11 but 5.0.13 contains: Bug 22104 - Support /opt symlinks > Bug 14725 - Installer fails to follow and destroys symbolic links

    So currently instead of symlink it's better to use mount, with the --bind switch to link two directories.

    There was also discussion on symlinking /opt vs /opt/zimbra (with /opt/zimbra being better).

    Hard links (ln without the -s) can be used on directories but it's not typical, thus a force flag (usage is -d, -F, or --directory) so you should read up on pro's vs con's, and can't cross file system boundaries (disk partition). <There's other threads on why this isn't recommended.

    Vote: Bug 10955 – allow installation to location other than /opt/zimbra/ so we know which version your currently using.


    I'll have to test if it was an actual fix or just that we now warn.

    Options at the moment:
    Move your data to /backuplocation (or whatever device is /mnt/opt)
    Remove the current /opt (careful)
    In /etc/fstab change the devices directory from /mnt/opt to /opt from the get go.

    mount --bind /mnt/opt /opt
    In fstab that would become:
    mnt/opt /opt bind defaults,bind 0 0
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    Excellent, thanks. We are currently running 5.0.11. So would it be recommended that we upgrade to 5.0.13 first?

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