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Thread: Upgrade Network Edition to 3.1 successes?

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    Default Upgrade Network Edition to 3.1 successes?

    Hi all

    Has anyone upgraded the Network Edition to 3.1 successfully? I've had varying success with the open source edition and lots of other people having problems on these forums, so i'm a little hesitant to try it on a critical customer!

    also, has anyone used the zmsetservername successfully?

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    There have been several 3.1 Network upgrades, that I've seen go by on our support list. The setservername will work but use it with care and always make sure you have a backup.
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    Default Yay!

    just like to say i just did an upgrade of the network edition from 3.01 to 3.1 flawlessly, none of the problems we've seen with the open source edition. also changed the servername/hostname of the zimbra install with libexec/zmsetservername which also performed absolutely flawlessly (PHEW!).

    big relief, i had prepared several hours to deal with changing the hostname so i went had had a beer instead

    thanks zimbra

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