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Thread: Sharing, Mounting and Distribution Lists

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    Default Sharing, Mounting and Distribution Lists

    My Problem:
    I want to share a lot of things to my users - to different groups wich may contain other groups(3k).
    Here's the script I'm using for managing the shares (atm the script does only the sharing, the permissions have to be set in the gui.)


    print "Groupname? ";
    chomp ($distributionlist = <>);
    print "Domain of the Group? (without @) ";
    chomp ($listdomain = <>);
    print "Name of the Share? ";
    chomp ($share = <>);
    print "Name of Mountpoint? ";
    chomp ($name = <>);
    print "Account Name of the original Share? ";
    chomp ($accountname = <>);
    print "Domain of the Account? (without @) ";
    chomp ($domainname = <>);
    my $gdl = `/opt/zimbra/bin/zmprov gdl $distributionlist\@$listdomain|grep zimbraMailForwardingAddress:`;
    my @dlmembers = split('\n', $gdl);
    foreach $member(@dlmembers){
    $member =~ s/zimbraMailForwardingAddress:\s*|\s*$//g;
    print " - Got member '$member'.\n";
    system("zmmailbox -z -m $member createMountpoint /$name $accountname\@$domainname /$share");

    It works fine with groups which do not have other groups included.
    Is there any way to get all accounts of a "group-hierarchy"?


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    having just learned what this does this morning, the command zmprov gdlm listname will get you all distribution lists that are a member of that parent. does this help you?

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