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    Default Contact list

    Dear All,

    I am using zcs-4.5.10 version for production environment and its working fine.

    I have one query about the outlook contact option.

    One of my user's laptop got crash and he asked to format it..we couldnt get his backup also so he lost all his local downloaded mail.

    Now he is asking about contact list which he configured in outlook. Is it possible to give him contact list ?? is it connected to zimbra server ?

    or is it just like our mobile contact number list which can not be retrive once we loose our mobile..pls suggest.


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    -If this is FOSS or NE without ZCO, those contacts were probably local to his system (I assume your not showing any in address books in the account on the server).
    -I highly suggest IMAP instead of POP if you can afford to store the mail on the server. Unless they select 'leave a copy on the server' or you duplicate it to a, backups become the user's responsibility - and we all know how that'll end up.

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    thank you for reply. yes we are planning to move it to IMAP..I have communicated with user that we can not retrive contact list..I believe its local outlook setting not can be done at server end.

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