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Thread: internal only distribution lists

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    Default internal only distribution lists

    is there a way to make certain distribution lists only available to someone from the same domain?

    Example: currently is a distribution list with all employees. I'd like only people at to be able to send mail to that list. Any ideas on how to do that?


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    Our distribution lists do not have ACL's You'd need a maillist software like mailman for that to work.
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    If you consider using Mailman then there's a 'how-to' in this post


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    This can also be fairly easily implemented using postfix, but I need to figure out how to merge it into the Zimbra configuration.

    Step one, create two IP addresses for your mailserver:

    Step two, configure separate postfix processes to listen to each address, making one the "public" smtp and the other the "internal" smtp.

    The public postfix process then uses a limited set of aliases when determining valid delivery targets. We originally did this by creating two separate alias files: aliases and aliases-int.
    The default configuration uses local_recipient_maps=hash:/etc/postfix/aliases,hash:/etc/postfix/aliases-int
    The public configuration overrides that to

    Voila! Authenticated and internal users can access all distribution lists, but public users can only see "public" lists.

    Looking at how Zimbra has it set up, it looks like I can get this working by:
    1) add an attribute to the schema named something like zimbraMailPublicList to distribution list objects, indicating that a particular list is authorized for external use.
    2) Make a new virtual map file like /opt/zimbra/conf/ or ldap:/opt/zimbra/conf/ (Trying to figure out which controls whether an address is a permitted rcpt to only with zimbraMailPublicList=enabled ANDed onto the filter.
    3) Change to have the external smtp entry reference the new map.

    If I get it working I'll post again.

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    Please do, then let me know. We'll get it into the wiki.

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