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Thread: Change Default Contact Display Fields

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    Default Change Default Contact Display Fields

    I've done a forum search and can't find the answer to this question I have. How do I change the default contact display (for all users) from Last, First to Company (Last, First)? I've examined the MySQL tables, conf files, ldif files, etc, but cannot find where this information is kept.

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    At this time this is not something you can config. You would need to edit the code (ZmContactView.js):

    ZmContactView._selectFields = { 
    	"fileAs": [ 
    		{ name: ZmContact._AB_FILE_AS[ZmContact.FA_LAST_C_FIRST],				selected: true  }, 
    		{ name: ZmContact._AB_FILE_AS[ZmContact.FA_FIRST_LAST], 				selected: false },
    		{ name: ZmContact._AB_FILE_AS[ZmContact.FA_COMPANY],					selected: false },
    		{ name: ZmContact._AB_FILE_AS[ZmContact.FA_LAST_C_FIRST_COMPANY],		selected: false },
    		{ name: ZmContact._AB_FILE_AS[ZmContact.FA_FIRST_LAST_COMPANY], 		selected: false },
    		{ name: ZmContact._AB_FILE_AS[ZmContact.FA_COMPANY_LAST_C_FIRST],		selected: false },
    		{ name: ZmContact._AB_FILE_AS[ZmContact.FA_COMPANY_FIRST_LAST], 		selected: false }
    Of course in a production install you'd need to edit ZimbraMail_all.js and then rezip it.

    zip -c ZimbraMail_all.js > ZimbraMail_all.js.zgz
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    thanks! I'll play with that on my test server and see if I can manage not to break it

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    There's a bug for this. People should vote for the bug if they want it implemented. It's been a few years now...

    Bug 8723: want client option for default contact FileAs value

    Or perhaps someone can create a zimlet that implements the option?

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