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Thread: Whoto change the Type of a Folder

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    Question Whoto change the Type of a Folder


    We've recently migrated to ZCS for Oracle, and some of our users use Tasks very heavily. Some of them have more than one folder for tasks.

    Here's the problem; after migrating users that had task-folders in Oracle now finds these folders under Mail in Zimbra.

    Obviously these folders have a wrong flag of some sort. Is there any way to flag these folders as Task-folders?


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    Could you post a screen shot of what you mean ?

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    I'm sorry if I did'nt explain my self very well!

    I need to move some folders from the mail "listing" to the task "listing". I've included a screenshot of one of the users that is affected.

    Now, the following folders where Task-folders in Oracle, but after the migration they are Mail-folders:
    * Kanselerte oppgaver
    * Utførte oppgaver
    * Utsatte oppgaver

    The tasks that where not placed in folders, got migrated to tasks.

    I suspect that the problem is related to a folder-flag, as all folders are IMAP folders.

    Hope I made the problem more clear now!

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