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Thread: [SOLVED] CA Cert Question.

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    Default [SOLVED] CA Cert Question.

    Good morning ladies and gents.

    I recently installed a CA cert from, since I didn't feel like paying for one. The installation went fine...

    Generated the csr downloaded the ca root and intermediate. Received my cert back and all is fine so far.

    Here is the only problem I have.

    The certificate is for

    I access the server by going to

    By doing this I am notified that the cert is for the wrong site. It is only valid for

    Since I can't change the email domain to for the reason that all email will then be instead of How do I fix this issue?

    It's rather an important issue that needs to be fixed asap, so all information would be appreciated.

    Thank you,

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    So create the cert for as that is the distinguished name of your server. It does not effect anything else and your emails will still be marked as

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    You can create a new CSR for and use this one.

    Or get a wildcard certificate.

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    Thanks guys,

    Now I seem to have a new issue that popped up, just for some background info I am running 5.0.10 on ubuntu 8.

    I generated a wildcard cert got it signed etc.

    After I generated the csr I restarted zimbra with zmcontrol stop && zmcontrol start...

    Then I logged in again and used the root.crt and intermediate.crt from ca cert with my new wildcard.crt from ca cert. Like before I just did it through the admin control panel. Although this time it through an error at me saying...


    I just redid the same steps and now it is working... Does zimbra cache the certs for a specified time before it updates? To the new key pairs etc?

    Find it rather odd that that happened.

    Problem is solved now just curious as to why it did that.

    Hopefully soon I can buy a proper ca cert, for now this should do fine

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