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Thread: real-time sessions

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    Default real-time sessions

    Dear All,

    Is there any command to get the real-time web/pop3/imap4 sessions

    From the Admin console, there's one "Active sessions" for the
    server, just wonder what's the corresponding command to get
    such information??

    any advice ?


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    zmjava com.zimbra.common.soap.SoapCommandUtil got revamped as zmsoap in 5.0.7
    zmsoap -z -v DumpSessionsRequest

    zmsoap -z -v -e DumpSessionsRequest @groupByAccount=1 @listSessions=1
    (Realize that POP connections end fast/aren't the same concept of 'session' in the sence that we use the word for web-client, admin, and IMAP.)
    For trending that, you can find info on the zmstat/zmstat-chart command here: Server Monitoring - Zimbra :: Wiki
    More than just IMAP/POP history: Bug 32140 - zmstat - should have some trending data on ALL client connections (web/soap)

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