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    Default [SOLVED] Zimbra/Exchange

    I am a school district and we give email accounts to most of our students. For 95% of our accounts the Open Source Edition will fit our needs perfectly, but for our principals and administrators they want some more advanced features, ie iPhone sync, outlook etc. I have sendmail running at our gateway doing all anti-virus/anti-spam and currently we use those servers for the smtp server for all email and I use alias files there to direct email to the backend mail store.

    The problem that I seem to be having with Exchange/Zimbra integration is the calendar availability/scheduling needs to be able to happen across servers, and getting email to go from an Exhcange account to a Zimbra account. I have read some of the posts and documentation on this, but they seem to assume greater AD/Exchange knowledge than I currently have. Does anyone have any more detailed documentation?


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    Have you looked at Zimbra and Exchange coexistence.
    ? i work for a school district also, and in all honesty, I would say get them to purchase the network edition and they can do all of the stuff you mentioned (Isync, outlook, etc.) if possible.

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