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Thread: How to backup user database only

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    well you could zmprov with a dummy password, then try to modify the ldap record to replace it with the hash from the slapcat using ldapmodify. this is where i'm a bit unsure though. it might try to rehash the hash you try to insert. you might want to test this.

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    Quote Originally Posted by phoenix View Post
    User backup & restore (for users mailboxes) is a feature of the NE version of Zimbra and not available for the OSS version. To backup the user data (i.e. User information stored in Zimbra) then do a dump of LDAP as mentioned earlier. There are several threads in the forums that have discussions of user backup/restore, search for them.
    Nowadays this function is already implemented ?
    How it works ?

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    Quote Originally Posted by flaviof View Post
    Nowadays this function is already implemented ?
    It's always been 'implemented' and if your read my answer you'll see that it's in the NE version of Zimbra (and always has been).


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