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Thread: Can I create 2 admins but they have different role in Open Source Edition?

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    Default Can I create 2 admins but they have different role in Open Source Edition?

    Hi All,
    Can I create 2 administrators but they have different role in Zimbra Open Source Edition?
    Such as
    Admin1 has role as super-administrator , he can see all message of all account and create/edit/delete account.
    Admin2 can create/edit/delete all accounts only.

    Can I create Admin2 and allow permission/role to do something like that?
    Normal man

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    Are you looking for something on a per-domain basis? You can create domain admins in the Network Edition, but not with the open source edition:
    Zimbra - Product Editions

    Role-based delegated admins are on the roadmap for 6.0 (called 5.5 on roadmap page still):
    Enterprise messaging and collaboration: Zimbra's product roadmap

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