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Thread: problem with Zimbra Webserver

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    Default problem with Zimbra Webserver

    HI everyone,

    I have some problems with configuring the zimbra webserver
    The thing I have 2 network interfaces on the same computer, so I also have 2 different IP Address.
    So, I d like to host 2 webservers on the same machine.
    Each one will Listen on one of the two interfaces.
    Actually I'd like to have one Zimbra webserver ( and one classic Apache2 Webserver running simultaneously (
    I don't want to use the reverse proxy method because I'm having some problems with the administration console and some functionnalities weren't working at all :s

    I'm using the Apache2 directive "Listen".
    It works Flawlessly with Apache BUT as soon as I launch Zimbra service, this crazy mailer is listening on both Network Interfaces.

    I tried to modify the httpd.conf files to make it works with the "Listen" directive, but nothing s working, Zimbra is still listening everything that's come into the both interfaces, so it's overwritten the other Apache2 webserver running .....

    I know Zimbra has been made to work out on a dedicated Server but this a personnal installation and i m not able to dedicate a machine only to have it running.

    I'm sure there is a way to specify Zimbra the webserver config file.

    Thanks for helping.
    Pascal, French Zimbra User

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    You could setup virtual servers. This would effectively achieve what you need. Zimbra would run in one virtual environment, with 1 IP and the webserver in the other virtual environment on the other IP.

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