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Thread: Frequent dropping Jabber Connection

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    Default Frequent dropping Jabber Connection

    Hi all

    We experience frequent connection problems with our Jabber Zerver (part of our 5.0.9 installation.

    iChat clients loose their connection to the server on a frequent basis, saying that a connection problem occurred.

    Relogin resolves the issue. We're running this using a standard Thawte SSL certificate.

    Any ideas?

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    I'm experiencing the same thing after upgrading to 5.0.9 NE, we're using the Spark client.

    Have you had any luck?

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    Bug 31292 - XMPP client connections timing out after 10 minutes
    Workaround for 5.0.9 (this is fixed in 5.0.10) is to go into /opt/zimbra/conf/localconfig.xml and add a new entry for the 'xmpp_client_idle_timeout' key with a large value.

    The value is in msec, the default is 600000 (10 minutes). Make it 100 minutes, or 1000 minutes to lessen the annoyance to users.

    Note that raising this value will lower the rate at which the server recovers some memory when clients drop connections. Make sure you change it back after you upgrade to the fixed version.
    su - zimbra
    zmlocalconfig -e xmpp_client_idle_timeout=600000

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    Does this require a restart of processes to take, or will it apply immediately?

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