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Thread: External authentication to Zimbra LDAP

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    Default External authentication to Zimbra LDAP

    I have looked over the forums, and can't seem to find a good answer to this. Most questions are asking about the other way around.

    I have Zimbra installed, configured, and running. I want to use the Zimbra LDAP server to authenticate other applications. All I need is a username/password for the other apps.

    I have tried to decode* the Zimbra LDAP myself, but havn't been successful. How is the username/email address and password referred to in the Zimbra LDAP?

    Currently, I am running a plain OpenLDAP server, and users are stored as follows:


    I tried the similar against Zimbra LDAP, changing a few parts, but have had no luck.

    Any help would be appreciated.


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    You can look in the zimbra.schema file or use an LDAP browser to discover the tree. The passwords for LDAP can be retrieved from zmlocalconfig
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    Quote Originally Posted by thejonmoore


    Where "username" is the first half of the users email.

    Works for me.

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