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    Default Domain Disclaimer

    Adding a disclaimer (altermime) or footer - Zimbra :: Wiki

    I found this in the Wiki and have seen it referenced a few times, I hve a few questions about it's capability.

    1. Is it current and will it work for 5.0.8? The last update was Feb 08.
    2. Will it work when 5.XXX comes out? If not, do the process each time?
    3. Is something like this and the UI addon planned to be integrated into the suite?
    4. Will this be below, above, or replace each users' signature?
    5. Will this be at the end of the current message or will it tack it at the bottom of all the XX number of replies?
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    Take a look at, and vote for, this bug: Bug 4720 - add system/domain wide mandatory signature

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