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Thread: Administrator privileges to read other users' emails!

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    Question Administrator privileges to read other users' emails!

    I am a little worried about the Administrator (Global Admin in fact) privilege to read other users' e-mails. I'm not sure if it's the expected behavior and if that can be limited or at least audited.
    As I'm using the community version I don't have the Domain Admin role, so I have to give my helpdesk guys either the Admin password or give their accounts the admin privilege.
    Please your advice on how to proceed here will be greatly appreciated!


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    It's all in the audit log. It tells you what user and who they "became" and where they went in the account I least generally.

    Make sure each of your admins has their own account and they don't all use the global admin account or some other non-identifying admin generic account.

    Write some custom code to audit the log daily/weekly.


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