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Thread: Set default signature for all users

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    Default Set default signature for all users

    Running zcs-NETWORK-5.0.5_GA_2201.RHEL4_64

    Our legal department is requiring that all emails sent outside our domain contain a default signature. Is there a way to set a signature for all users automatically?


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    As far as I'm aware this is not currently possible via the Admin GUI or CLI; so your option is limited to:

    Adding a disclaimer (altermime) or footer - Zimbra :: Wiki
    Domain Disclaimer Extension Admin UI - Zimbra :: Wiki

    There's an enhancement request in Bugzilla (Bug 4720 - add system/domain wide mandatory signature) which you might like to vote on if it's of high importance to you.
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    I run a couple of zimbra servers that go out via our exim smtp relays, they add a signature to all outgoing email. It can all be done on the same machine with a little work.

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