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Thread: Import users from 4.5.9 on 5.0.5 (OS)

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    Default Import users from 4.5.9 on 5.0.5 (OS)


    I'm trying to create an empty server to be used while I reinstall and upgrade our 4.5.

    I've followed the steps from here:

    But when I try to delete the imap database I get an error that there are subfolders. If I skip this step, I'm getting this:

    The first database does not allow slapadd; using the first available one (2)
    => bdb_tool_entry_put: id2entry_add failed: DB_KEYEXIST: Key/data pair already exists (-30996)
    => bdb_tool_entry_put: txn_aborted! DB_KEYEXIST: Key/data pair already exists (-30996)
    slapadd: could not add entry dn="cn=zimbra" (line=12): txn_aborted! DB_KEYEXIST: Key/data pair already exists (-30996)

    How can I clear the existing data ? If I delete the ldap folder this messes up everything.

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    Default Hi

    Hey, there is no solution to this problem!

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    Quote Originally Posted by pillerk View Post
    Hey, there is no solution to this problem!
    Is that a statement or a question? I guess you realise that this thread is 21 months old and if you're having a problem you it would be better posting the details instead of resurrecting an old thread.


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