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Thread: cram-md5 stopped working

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    Default cram-md5 stopped working

    We used to use cram-md5 on some of our mail clients but this seems to have stopped working with an error coming back to the end user in their MUA saying that t
    hat mechanism is not available. It seems that this has always worked. I do not know what
    has changed or when it might have changed. Any and all advice on re-enabling it is most appreciated. We can get users to switch over to PLAIN or PASSWORD and that does work, but we would prefer to use a little higher security mechanism if possible. I wonder if something has changed on OS X regarding this issue. Could have. I dont know yet. (That would be highly unusual to have have this auth' mech' as a choice but it not work.)

    Thanks very much.

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    Are any error messages being reported in your Log Files - Zimbra :: Wiki ?

    Also, please so we know which version of ZCS you are running

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    try adding it to /opt/zimbra/lib/sasl2/smtpd.conf mech_list param

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